Media Kit

This is a potential non-profit organization concept designed and branded for India focused on supporting those with mental health illnesses which is a highly taboo subject.

Nazar, when translated, means sight, but it's often used to express this concept of attention that is given with ill will and bad intent.

The objective is to provide support to those who suffer from mental illness and protect them from the negative judgement (evil eye) society gives them, help them rebuild their spirits, and provide them with ample resources.

Another goal is to teach skeptics that mental illness is real and provide them with "sight" in an attempt to break the stigma and bad gaze.

Design Concept
Nazar's logo and media kit was intentionally designed and branded with India in mind.

The elephant is a very significant and cultural symbol. One of the god's in Hinduism, Ganesh, is an elephant, known as the remover of obstacles and bringer of good fortune. Alluding directly to how the nonprofit's goal is to remove the stigma and bringing good fortune to those who live with mental health illnesses and are shunned from society.

Orange and green are part of the Indian flag and in general India feels very earthy and vibrant to me which I wanted to emulate in the branding.

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