Markiplier Brand
Website Banners

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These are a few examples of website banners I've designed for a gaming youtube influencer.

This brand focuses on an older gaming aesthetic. These designs are pixelated, glitchy, and distorted to emulate that brand identity. These assets were particularly fun to work on because I had to find a balance between simulating nostalgia and remaining modern. It’s a different creative direction than my usual work which was really nice to explore conceptually, through design, and animation.

Boibs Brand
Marketing Assets

These are a variety of examples of digital assets, used across the board on all social media platforms for promotional and launch campaigns, that I've created for the brand Boibs.

These are a mix of static and animated assets for product launches, sales, and announcement signups. This brand focuses on family wear for the not so average, quirky, and lively family. These designs reflect that sentiment, aesthetic, and ultimately the client's personality. The social media graphics have proven effective with the fans, capture their attention, and increase sales and user engagement.

BBY Brand
Marketing Assets

These are a selection of marketing assets used across platforms and on the e-commerce shop that I've designed for the brand BBY.

BBY is a very youthful brand so the marketing banners are geared towards a younger audience. This brand in particular is challenging to design for because it directly reflects the client's personality which is in a constant flux as she's growing up from pre-teen to teen and eventually to adulthood. The marketing assets have gradually reflected that growth from more cute and bubbly graphics to a more mature yet fun and almost teen angst aesthetic.

JSE Brand
Website Banners

These are some website banners I've designed for another gaming youtube influencer. It was challenging to differentiate my designs from the other brand while keeping the same core.

These set of website banners are also very gamer centric but with a much more current tone. This is another brand that’s very far from my personal style but very fun to work on for that same reason. This brands marketing material is very playful, energetic, and modern much like the client's personality in his youtube content.

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