Rasheka Krishan

Digital Designer & Artist

versatile & creative

Here's a little about me :)

I’m Rasheka Krishan — a New York tristate area based designer.

I completed my BFA from Parsons School of Design in Communication Design and currently working at Ready Go Ventures to help influencers create their own brand, design merchandise, help with marketing, and bring their vision to fruition.

I enjoy this because as the influencers grow their style changes but core values are always the same. Things are always in constant flux and making something stand out in any media (movies, books, movies, art) is quite challenging.

Growing up I always enjoyed the timeless art of storytelling, the narrative, how it grips you, it's fascinating. Naturally I gravitated towards storytelling through design with a focus toward web design, brand identities, and editorial/print work.

I'm always in search of growth and new opportunities so if you're interested don't hesitate to go check out my portfolio and reach out!